How to Get the Most From Kratom: 5 Crucial Tips

Kratom in America is one of the greatest discoveries to come along in quite sometime. From pain management to motivation to anxiety relief, this amazing herb from the east side of the planet is changing lives in droves. Although kratom brings a lot to the table, not everyone is benefiting from all kratom has to offer and in most cases, it’s their own fault! Harsh? Maybe, but I’ll explain as I breakdown how to maximize your kratom usage.

1. Make Sure You’re Ready …

be ready

Kratom is an experience you need to be prepared for. Mentally and physically. For example, if you’ve just polished off a number 6 from McRonalds, it probably isn’t a good idea to toss and wash some White Thai or guzzle down that Maeng Da tea right after your meal. Chances are, it’s not gonna work or be so slow to take effect that you fail to get the desired benefits. Rest your belly. Get your mind right and make a commitment to give it a fair shot. Wasted kratom is kratom abuse so make sure your dosing conditions are absolutely ideal.

2. And Use the Right Dosing Method


Kratom is gross. The taste. That texture. Gross! Why not grab some capsules and make the gross factor a non issue? Then again, capsules are kinda hard to swallow and just don’t do the trick, right? When that’s the case, break out the keurig and concoct some potent kratom tea to sip on. There are many ways to dose kratom, and the dosing method you choose will play a huge role in your overall experience and results.

3. Take a “Proper” Dose

Kratom Dose

Every thing in life is dose dependent. Your car needs a certain amount of oil to function properly. You may need to burn the whole zag to get relief from that low-grade medical marijuana at your fingertips. In order to get the best results from kratom, you’re gonna have to dose a certain amount, and the amount you dose is gonna depend on a broad range of factors. Do you have a tolerance to any medications? Are you currently using any medications? How long have you been using kratom? These variables and others will have a lot to say about where you need to be with your kratom dosing regimen.

4. Have Some More!


I notice that a lot of people benefit from taking very small amounts of kratom – like a teaspoon! Can you believe that? That’s awesome, but not everyone is so lucky. Some people need more, yet are still taking low-scale doses and wondering why they aren’t getting desirable results. Remember the advice about dosing above? Kratom is a safe, gentle, and forgiving herb. Upping your dose a bit will not hurt you and may be just what the doctor ordered to get you where you need to be. Instead of thinking a major Kratzilla style jump, maybe think gradually scaling the ladder so you can ease your way up and better handle the effects.

5. Respect the Kratom Gods!!!

kratom gods

Kratom will not cause you any physical harm, but it is a very potent and powerful herb. While you don’t have to worry about overdosing and convulsing on the floor, over-indulging can make for a rather shitty experience. Gentle or not, kratom deserves its respect. No. You won’t be endured to mental anguish or the hallucinogenic effects purported by the media machine. Still, kratom can be a stern teacher, and if you disrespect her by using too much or mixing with things you probably shouldn’t, she will teach you some very harsh lessons.

See, that wasn’t so bad. I’m not so mean. Just about every one of these lessons was learned from firsthand experience, so trust when I say this isn’t some recycled mumbo jumbo or kratomite snobbery. The fact of the matter is that kratom comes with a learning curve that we’ve all had to ride at one point. It takes some experimenting with dose, ROA, and timing to hit that sweet spot. So hang in there and give it your best effort. There are no guarantees in life, but if you play your cards right, the chances of falling and staying in love with kratom are very very high!

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