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How to Make Cannabutter: The Foolproof Edition

Edibles. I’d always known about them, but never really experienced them. At least not properly. That is until I met cannabutter a few years ago. Essential marijuana compounds like THC bind to fatty oils and good old fashioned butter is one of the best sources you can use to extract them.


Whipping up your own cannabis butter is easier than you ever imagined. You don’t need a Magical Butter Machine (it’s sweet, though) or any fancy equipment. I’m gonna show you how to make some supremely potent cannabutter using a few simple items you already have handy in the kitchen.

Here’s what you need:


Cannabis (at least 14 grams)

Butter (4 sticks)



Stove top

Sauce pan


Pyrex bowl (or similar)

To Decarb or Not to Decarb: That is the Question

I recently heard that decarboxylation is critical to maximizing the potential of cannabis extracts. I’ll be honest when I say that I have never ever decarbed using the method I’m about to explain and still ended up with a potent product every time. So while decarbing may be recommended, it’s not a make or break deal, so whether you want to bother with it is totally up to you.

Step 1: Fill a sauce pan about a quarter of the way with water and place it on the stove top over low to medium heat.

Note: Your water will expand when you add the butter, so careful not to use too much so it doesn’t spill over.

Step 2: Add four sticks of butter to the sauce pan once your water starts boiling (or bubble) and bring the heat to a light simmer.

Note: Keep the heat low because if you burn your butter, your project is toast!

Step 3: Add and stir your cannabis into the sauce pan once your butter completely melts in the water.

Note: Contrary to popular belief, you don’t necessarily need premium grade “buds” to make high-quality cannabutter. You can use the trim from your cultivation project or some stems you have laying around – as long they originate from some high quality herb! In fact, my very first go with cannabutter came from 14 grams of old stems, which resulted in an impressively potent product. On the other hand, if you’ve got the chronic to spare, then by all means, go for it!

Step 4: Turn down your heat just below simmer.

Note: You have to be careful here. While heat helps extract the goodies into your butter, too much of it will burn your butter, and if you burn your butter, your project is toast!

Step 5: Wait and stir. Now we wait. Allow your butter to cook, keeping in mind to check on it and stir every 15 to 30 minutes. Hit the bottom of that thing and stir like you mean it (hehe!) .

Note: Depending on how much time I’ve got to spare, I usually allow the butter to cook for anywhere from two to four hours. Of course the longer you allow it to go, the stronger your product will be in the end.

Step 6: Strain your cannabutter into a large bowl, cover and refrigerate.

Note: The original recipe this is based on said to refrigerate for 24 hours, but I’ve found that 12 hours works just fine when you’re crunched for time.

Step 7: Retrieve your cannabuter. The final step is to separate your cannabutter from the water. If all went well, your butter will be hard and green with a thin layer of water beneath. Separating should be fairly easy with a butter knife or spatula. Wrap it up good in some saran wrap and foil and store in the freezer.

Note: With proper storage, cannabutter will last for six months or more. Do what you can to protect it from freezer burn and you should have no worries.

Enjoy Your Cannbutter!


With a beautiful batch of cannabutter at your disposal, you’re ready to make edibles that taste yummilicious and hit the spot in more ways than one. Make some brownies. Maybe some Kratom Cookies. Spread it on some toast. Just take it easy and remember that edibles are a totally different experience than smoking. It’s a whole new world. And like many stoners, you may find that a little goes a long way!