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Pros and Cons of Kratom

The best things in life come with advantages and disadvantages, and kratom is no different in that regard. If you’re new to this incredible and very mysterious plant, you’ve probably been looking for info just like this. Without further ado, here’s our take on the pros and cons of kratom.


1. It Works!

In navigating the botanical spear, you’ll find that a lot of herbs are hit or miss. More often than not, this one is a big hit. Of course everyone’s different, but we’ve personally found that good kratom is good kratom. Buy from a reputable vendor known for their quality, and 9.5 times out of 10 you can count on a product that delivers.

2. It’s Flexible

The true beauty of kratom lies in its versatility. By that I mean its ability to cater to wide a variety of needs. People take kratom for a number of reasons, including to:

  • Curb depression
  • Boost energy
  • Relieve pain
  • Eliminate stress and anxiety
  • Combat withdrawals

The plant’s versatility may be attributed to the belief that it is generally diverse by nature. Kratom is available in numerous varieties, more commonly known to the community as “strains”. From the People’s Champ Bali to the King of Kings Ma Daeng, there are several strains out there and strangely new ones emerging on a regular basis. What’s the difference you ask? Some say potency and to a degree, effects. We’ll further explore this at another time. Moving right along …

3. It’s Widely Available

When we first discovered kratom five years ago, there were at the most 10 vendors that we knew of. Sure, there were realistically more than that, but things were low-key and the market was much smaller. Now there are probably hundreds of vendors. While having so many options to choose from can make things a bit overwhelming for the newbie, we firmly believe this is actually a good thing. One thing we’ve learned is that it pays to have a couple of quality vendors in your back pocket, and once you’re familiar with the landscape, you’ll have some valuable resources at your fingertips.

4. It’s Kinda New …

Now obviously, kratom has been growing in its native homelands for many many years. On a grand scale, however, it’s still a fairly new phenomenon. We didn’t first hear of kratom until 2010. And though awareness has increased dramatically over these last couple of years, most people still don’t have a clue what it is. On the bright side, our research tells us that this herb has been used safely for hundreds of years, so I wouldn’t worry about turning green, growing a third eye, or anything freaky like that.

5. It’s (sometimes) Tricky

Though kratom is extremely effective, it does help to have a little patience. Several people have had to do some experimenting with dose, ROA, and strains before finding something that worked for them consistently. So if you don’t see results on your first go, don’t fret. Give it some time. She can be a finicky girl, but tends to reward those who take the time to get know her.

6. It’s Under a Microscope

Kratom’s explosive growth has been a double edged sword in and of itself. The more people discover it, the greater the scrutiny by the powers that be – the government, lawmakers, Big Bad Pharma – the forces who seem to be more interested in vilifying this herb rather than taking the time to understand and educate people on the facts. When we first discovered it, kratom was legal in most countries and nationwide in the US. As of this writing, kratom is illegal in four states (according to Speciosa.org), with even more states looking to add it to the list of banned substances.

Are we concerned about the legality of kratom moving forward? Hells yeah! But the fact of the matter is that the good outweighs the bad by far. It’s not even close. Realizing this, all we can do is spread the good word, and hope that fate is on our side!